"I’ve been going to Becca’s Pilates classes for years and can highly recommend her. As an experienced Physio she can tailor exercises to allow for injuries and ongoing conditions which is great. However, I think the main reason most people keep coming back is simply how lovely she is!"


"I've been attending Becca's Pilates class for almost two years. At a grand old age of 36 years old and having just had my first baby, it was the first exercise class I had mustered up the courage to join (and actually attend, without giving up after two sessions!).


Becca's classes are something I look forward to every week, she's patient, kind and always ready to help out - she's on hand by your side before you even have to ask for help. Becca helped me regain my core strength after my first pregnancy and kept me in class throughout my second IVF pregnancy, right up until my due date. Becca helped me to adapt exercises to suit my growing bump, and as a result, I enjoyed a fit and healthy pregnancy.


Since giving birth ten months ago, she's helped me get back to strength and recover from my C-section. I'm also pretty sure it was because of Pilates that my pelvic floor has stayed completely intact, which is something I'll be forever grateful to Becca for!"


"I have been having 1:1 Pilates classes at my home with Becca for about 9 months. I was first introduced to Becca by my Osteopath who thought that Becca's physio based personalised approach would help me manage my occupational related back pain.


The first session was a mix of physio and pilates so that Becca could assess me and in each session since she has come along with a lesson plan created specifically for me, concentrating in building core strength and maintaining spine flexibility. After each class Becca recommends a few specific exercises for me to work on until the next class. I am definitely feeling the benefits of the pilates as I have less pain and greater strength and flexibilty.


The regular lessons give me motivation to exercise on my own between lessons too and I always look forward to our sessions as Becca is such a warm friendly person and arrives at every session full of enthusiasm and although the exercises can be hard work every session is good fun and we laugh a lot. I cannot recommend BH Pilates highly enough."