BH Pilates Online

BH Pilates is now offering Pilates from the comfort of your own home though online classes and tutorials!

The benefits of exercise not only has multiple physical rewards but has been proven to boost your immune system and greatly improve your mental well-being! You have the chance to have some well deserved ME time!!


Receive access to my professional and expert Physiotherapy support via FaceTime, Skype or by phone!

A £40 monthly subscription provides you with:

1. 8 x hour long Pilates classes per month to do at a time that suits you!


  • Follow along to my online Physio-led Pilates classes

  • receive expert Physiotherapy instruction

  • options to work at a level challenging to you


2. Free professional support

  • FREE Introduction to Pilates video which teaches tyou the basic before you begin so you get the most out of your workouts

  • contact Becca for advice and support with your Pilates routine

  • Adapt your level to your needs

  • Modify your Pilates exercise to accommodate pain or injury

3. Bonus 10-15 min workshops each week to give you a mind and body boost!

Cancel at any time!

Contact Becca through the Contact page or visit the How to Book page. You will be sent instructions on how to subscribe! It's so easy!